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Capturing Moments
Up Close

Let my New-York based lens capture your brilliance in portrait corporate, or artistic settings.

  • Avail our FREE 30 - mins Phoho Consultation

  • Present a Valid School ID to enjoy 50% Student Discount


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Cancellation Policy

Even if a phone conversation was made the Photographer must be notified of the cancellation in writing or via email. The initial deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. In the case that the customer cancels or breaches the contract, it will be liquidated for damages to the Photographer

Additional Booking Info

  • Each service comes with a Free 30-minunte phone consultation to pick the colors, style, and composition that best tell your story. Specify a date and time so we can reach out, if you wish to opt out of the consultation, kindly specify as well.

  • We can also do sessions outside the studio; transportation fees may apply

  • A non- refundable Retainer Fee (25% of package price) is required for all Portrait Sessions. Without the said fee, there will be no reserved date. The Retainer Fee will reflect on the total cost of the selected service.

  • Booking close two (2) days before the session starts.

  • Are you a student? Show us your Valid School ID to enjoy a 50% discount on our session prices!

Image by Conor Luddy


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Base Price--------------------------------------$200

+8 Photos----------------------------------------$50

+1 Hour-----------------------------------------$100

+2 Revisions----------------------------------$100


Themed Props--------------------------------$50+

Advanced Retouching-----$15 Per Photo



Base Price--------------------------------------------$100
+4 Photos----------------------------------------------$50
+1/2 Hour-------------------------------------------$100
+2 Revisions-----------------------------------------$100
Dynamic Lighting-------------------------------------$50
Advanced Retouching--------------------$15 Per Photo

Image by Brooke Cagle


5+ Team Shoot--------------------------------------$950

+5 Members----------------------------------------$500

30+ Team Shoot---------------------------------$3,000

+10 Members---------------------------------------$750

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At NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for film and Televisions, I focused on lighting and cinematography and have since made it a career as a Lightning Technician and an established Gaffer in the film and television industry.

I dream of becoming a Director of Photography Through Dante Close Photography, I intend to achieve this lifelong vision by harnessing what I learned. Grounded by the methods and visual language of the moving image, I ensure that every shot showcases the personalities and stories of every client I meet.

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Rex McKeeman

I knew of you through mutual friends

Cassandra S.

I liked what I saw in your photo gallery.

Dominic Miller

You’re my friend which would make for a good enviornment

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32 Union Square East
New York, NY 10003


I am a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for Film and Television, where I focused my studies on lighting and cinematography. Since graduating, I've continued to pursue my love of lighting as a lighting technician on film and TV shows.

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