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I am a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for Film and Television, where I focused my studies on lighting and cinematography. Since graduating, I've continued to pursue my love of lighting as a lighting technician on film and TV shows.

I've since worked on a host of projects such as the movie Norman and shows like Younger, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Tommy. While continuing to pursue my passion of becoming an established Gaffer in the industry, I also hope to eventually become a DP, having spent time observing directors of photography as they craft shots to tell the narrative of the characters. 

While the types of lights and cameras used are a little different from those used in Still Photography, the underlying principles of composition, style, and creating a story through the lens are the same. Through Dante Close Photography, I intend to harness the methods and visual language of the moving image and create photos that reflect the personality and stories of my clients.

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